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How To Know If Your Gas Cylinder Is Leaking

Gas leaks are very dangerous and can lead to explosion. This is one thing that everyone should know how to detect. It will help you in making your gas last longer since there will be no wastage if you detect it on time. Many people are using gas cookers but they don't always check how their gases are on a daily basis. To avoid any loss you should start doing so. There are various simple methods that you can use to check your gas leaks. It doesn't involve any capital and one can be able to apply them consistently.

1.Test using soapy water.

This is one of the cheapest ways to detect gas leaks at home. The only thing you need is a detergent, trough and water. Mix the detergent with water so that it can be soapy in nature. Apply the solution in your pipework and wait for the results. If your pipe is leaking then you will see some bubbles which were not there and if it's not leaking, there will be no change.

2.Monitor your gas usage.

Monitoring your usage levels is one of the ways to detect if something is wrong with your gas. It is obvious that if the gas is leaking it will take a shorter period of time compared to others. So if you notice that your gas got finished after one month when it's supposed to take two months then there's a problem somewhere. Your gas is leaking but you don't know.

3.Detecting the scent and sound.

A leaking gas will produce a certain sound and scent. If it's leaking it will produce the scent like that of a rotten egg or sulfur. It can be very difficult to detect the hissing sound if you are in a noisy environment. But if you can hear the sound then that's a sign that your gas is leaking. You are advised to take appropriate action because leakage can cause explosion.

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