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Apart from Salt Content, This Is The Main Differences Between Salty Water and Fresh Water.

About 71% of Earth is covered with dissolved salt consideration of less than 1%. Many people usually differentiate salt water with fresh water by only looking at the salt content. Today I will share with you other differences.

Fresh water is usually found in ponds,lakes,rivers and wetlands while saltwater is found in marine environments such as oceans,reefs and estuaries. Salt water is quite different from fresh water in a number of ways. These are.

1.Salt water contains salt or sodium chloride while fresh water contains small amount of salt but not enough to be considered salt water.

2.Salt water is denser than fresh water due to sodium chloride dissolved in it.

3.Freezing points and boiling points of fresh water and salty water are different. The freezing point of salty water is lower than fresh water.

4.Salt water is hyper tonic to the tissues in plants and animals while fresh water is hypo to nic to plants and animals.

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