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From waste substance to useful fuel 'The power of water hyacinth in power generation.'

Waste water hyacinth treatment is highly efficient and effective in reducing the use of conventional fuels. It has many advantages over other energies such as gas. This is more profitable than using LPG. Gas usage involves 11,000 calories of LPG but costs Rp 12,000 per kg. While water hyacinth produces 4,300-5,000 calories, it only takes about 2.6 kg. The price of wood pellets is Rp 1,600 per kg, so 11,000 calories only costs Rp 8,300. In addition to being cheaper, the pellets are up to 30% more efficient.

Sido Muncul's machine is capable of processing 10 tons of hyacinth raw materials per hour; 5-6 kg of fresh water hyacinth produce 1 kg of pellets. The machine can work on a regular basis without shift for 8 hours per day. When applied shift, it can run 24 hours nonstop. Wood pellets are sold from Rp 1,500 to 1,600 per kilogram. Have u ever think of any important use of water hyacinth? Please let us know if there is any?

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