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What you Need To Know About The Lines That Follow Planes High Up In The Sky

Have you ever noticed the lines that follow planes as they fly across the sky? Contrails are what they're called.

Below is an interesting story about the contrails that you should know.

When the water vapor from jet exhaust condenses and freezes, contrails form. For some planes, contrails do not form. Low vapor pressure and low temperature are required in the atmosphere where the plane is flying.

Contrails are divided into three categories. The ones that barely last a few minutes after a jet has passed. A persistent contrail lasts for a long time after a plane passes, but it stays in a thin line, whereas a persistent spreading contrail lasts for a long time after a plane passes and spreads out to a width larger than your thumb if you held it up to the sky.

Jets leave white trails, sometimes known as contrails, in their wakes for the same reason that you can see your breath from time to time. Jet engine exhaust is hot and humid, and it mixes with the environment, which has a much lower vapor pressure and temperature than the exhaust gas at high altitudes.

What have you heard about them before?

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