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How screen Light, from computers and phones, affects your eyesight And how To Manage the Effects.

We spend more than six hours a day on screens either, scrolling your phone social media feeds, watching television and playing video games or working on your computer. Have you once tried to identify the health effects this has to your eyesight?

Most of these screens use a type of LED light called Blue light. This light has a shorter wavelength and more energy and equally more effect to eyes. Studies show that close to 50% all screens user develop blurred vision, Digital eyestrain, dry eye, Damage to the retina and also cataracts

When you use your screens for long periods of time, one tends to lacrimate, feeling like they are straining their eyes and sometimes have troubles seeing. You probably have experienced this, after a long day with your phone or computer. This tells you that blue light is having a negative toll on your eyesight. This light also tampers with the sleep cycle and causes sleep deprivation if used at sleep time.

Reducing your screen time and that of your children, applying screen filters and using computer glasses can help reduce the amount of blue light you are exposed to and the duration of exposure. This will help counter the effects of blue light to your eyesight and brain. Let's all use our devices responsibly.

What other side effects of blue light have you encountered? Comment below, share and follow.

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