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Plane Crash

Here Is what keeps the plane in air, not the engines

Have you ever wondered why the plane keeps maintaining it's path in air? Am certain if I go out now and ask people about this ninenty percent, maybe if you studied a little bit of physics, they will say engines. But today I want you to get that off your mind.

The engines are only used to thrust the plane forward at a maximum speed required. The plane itself is streamlined the same as to it's wings. As the plane is thrusted forward, the wings breaks through the air, which flows top and bottom of the wings at different speeds. Air that flows on top travels at a higher speed to cover the same distance with the air at the bottom. This creates a low pressure on top of the wings and a higher pressure at the bottom causing the plane to lift and maintain it's path in the air.

So engines only without the wings plane can't keep in the air as some of you think. Wings are very important part in any plane for balancing.

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