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The Most Intelligent Robot That Is Capable Of Displaying Humanlike Expressions (PHOTOS)

Technology has given birth to Artificial Intelligence (AI) which eventually resulted into advanced robots. When one talks about more advanced robots, one cannot fail to mention Hong Kong based company named Hanson robotics more especially Robot Sophia. This robot was named Sophia due to its amazing intelligence capability of operating as human beings.

Currently, robot Sophia is considered to be the most smartest robot in the world. The robot is capable of displaying about 60 facial expressions and also interact with people perfectly. Also the robot can sustain eye contact and recognise individuals. Of course it also has proper mastery of language. Since Sophia was manufactured, the robot has been good in research, educating and entertaining people.

In fact robot Sophia was the first robot to be given citizenship of different countries such as Saudi Arabia. The robot has also been a good advocate for women's rights in different countries. This robot is just amazing, in fact if you meet this Sophia, you will hardly know that it is a robot, you may confuse it for human beings. Below are amazing pictures of robot Sophia.

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