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Here Are Foods That Will Improve Your Intelligence

The human brain functions like a machine. Just like machines require maintenance, so does the brain. For your intelligence to increase, you need to take in healthy foods and do exercises that jog the mind. Most of the foods we take are healthy but there are some specific ones that are good for your brain and intelligence. Here are some of the foods.

1. Salmon is a good source of fatty acid and omega three. These are very important in the improvement of the brain increasing intelligence. Take salmon often with your meals if you want to increase your brain capacity.

2. We all know an avocado fruit. It is creamy and packed with healthy fats. The fruit also has benefits to the brain. It helps widen the brain capacity thus improving intelligence.

3. Another helpful diet in the development of the brain is greens. These are richly packed vitamins and minerals. Spinach, broccoli and other kinds of greens should flood your daily diet if you desire intelligence.

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