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Where does the day begin and end on earth

Each day on earth is a new day, but have ever imagined there is actually a starting point and an end point where a day begins and ends. it is known that different places on earth have different time zones and it is because of these time zones that time differs at different points on earth. Back to my point that a new day is born somewhere on the earth surface and it dies somewhere on earth for it to be said that a day has completely elapsed. By now I know you are wondering if a new day starts somewhere on this earth and ends somewhere also then how is it possible, we have two different days in different parts of the world?

Just to be clear there is a longitude that divides the earth into two and that is the Greenwich meridian. The longitude divides the earth into East and West and the time to the west is behind than the time to the East. The time difference causes difference in days but a day starts at a particular point only the hours of the day change depending on the location of a particular place on earth. It is not like there two sets of twenty-four hours on the globe. There are only twenty-four hours for a day on earth. And that is why there are more than twenty-four different time zones used today.Each new day on earth begins at mid night 12:01 AM at Greenwich, England, where the prime meridian or the Greenwich meridian is located. This is the line that divides the earth into two and is used as the reference point when calculating time around the globe. The time in Greenwich is referred to as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and it is in Greenwich observatory point that all time zones are measured and the day starts at this point before any where else on earth is 12:01 AM. A day exits on earth in in the Howland and Baker Islands in the IDLW time zone another of the many time zones on earth. These Islands are in the western hemisphere of the of the prime meridian. This means the time here is behind than most parts of the world. 

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