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Check The Biggest Fresh Water Fish Ever. Photo

The marine life constitutes a large number of organisms some of which man has not been able to explore. The common organism we know well is the fish. There are many different types of fish and each has its unique features regarding to the water environment pigmentation, size and many other features. Which is the biggest fresh water fish you know? I guess most of you don't know about it and have never thought of it.

The known biggest fresh water fish known is called the Beluga Sturgeon. This fish is very unique in its appearance. When it was found, it took three scientists to carry it as it was very big.

The Beluga fish can grow to a length of up to 9m and weigh 2000 kilograms. The fish is believed to have existed for over 250 million years and was together with the dinosaurs.

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Beluga Beluga Sturgeon


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