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Answer These Questions If You Are A Genius

Everyone has a different brain capacity or intelligence quotient for that matter. Brain power is a very important aspect of our daily lives and it determines how we deal with our daily problems in life.

Today I am going to share some questions to which you will answer and find out your brain power based on the number of questions you get right.

So the first question is, you looked into a clock and it read 3:15 how many degrees is there from the minute and the hour hand. Secondly, How many times a day does the minute hand move around the clock? And lastly, in 1990 a person is 15 years old and in 1995 the same person is 10 years old, how can this be? Try your luck before you look at the answers.

The answer to question one is, the clock is 360 degrees and every hour the clock turns 30 degrees at 3:15 ,the minute hand will be exactly three hours and the hour hand will be a quarter of the way between three and four hours. Multiply 30 degrees by a quarter and you get 7.5 degrees.

The answer for the second questions is, exactly twenty two times. And the answer to the last questions is that the calendar is in BC so we count backwards.

You can follow or comment the answers you gave.

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