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5 Fastest Birds In The World With Respective Speed Values (photos)

Did you know that there are some birds which can fly faster than man made motors. In this article am going to highlight 5 scientific proven birds which have high speed, lets go;

5) Frigate bird,

These birds can fly for weeks in the sky, scientist proved that they spend over 80% of their life in sky. They catch their prey from the water or from air sometime bother other birds for a meal.

These birds do all this remarkable at a speed of 153Km/h during flights toward targeted prey, one can identify male by a red pouch below their beaks which they unflate during breeding.

4) Eurasian Hobby

These birds are recognised for their acrobatic skills, Eurasian hobby are so athlete such they can pass food to each other midflights as they are soaring through the skies.

They are beloved to reach at a speed of up to 159 Km/h when they snatch small birds and dragonfly out in the air.

3) White Throated Needle Tail

This bird is highly known for flying at higher speed on a straight line.

The white throated needle tail is believed by many to be the first moving bird on a level flight toward a prey, they were formally known as spine tailed swift and can move at a speed of 169 Km/h.

2) Golden Eagle

One of the largest raptors in North America, the golden eagle is powerful brown bird with trademark golden feathers on its head and neck. When preying on rabbits or small animals, they move at a accelerating speed of up to 240Km/h upon diving.

1) Peregrine Falcon

When in level flight, the powerful pelegrine falcon zooms at not too shabby speed averaging 50Km/h. But its when this bird goes after a prey that is really showing its speculation ability.

Upon stopping, falcons move at a speed of 320Km/h towards the targeted prey high above the sky.

Hopefully this article has shutter some light on birds with the most speed, follow for more comming from nature here on 5FACTS, lets keep the conversation going on comment section below, dont forget to follow.

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Eurasian Eurasian Hobby


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