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HIV's Latest Revelation by Scientists in Congo Signal's a new Beginning

The HIV virus has been one of the leading causes of death in Africa, the latest revelation by scientists has brought new hope as there is a new way to develop it's vaccine. It has taken the world less than a year to develop the vaccine, if a similar attention is given HIV will soon find a lasting solution in Africa.

"Scientists have found a rare set of people in DR Congo, who have tested positive for HIV antibodies but are living with little to non-detectable levels of viral load, possibly paving way for a vaccine and cure for HIV." Africa fact zone wrote.

The BBC news also reported, "Discovery of large group of people who control HIV without taking medication is leading to hope of eventual cure, scientists say"

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed may HIV patients, but with the arrival of the vaccine, many of them will find it easier to deal with the pandemic. Here is what Netizens had to say regarding to the new HIV revelation; Bow, "After we’ve complained of how fast they’ve come up with a Covid, which is ravaging Europe, vaccine yet HIV which has ravaged Africa for decades they are yet to."

Errand natives, "Well, there was a similar finding a decade or so ago that some prostitutes in Majengo slums in Nairobi were not contracting HIV while having unprotected sex with their clients. The gene diversity in Africa is the next gold mine for big pharmas! We should find ways to protect it."

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