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Get to know the artificial moon that is already in space

Technology has improved in the sense that new and developed inventories occur day and night.

I have remained wondering , why and how it came into happening that artificial or the so called man-made moon has been put into space.

The questions hitting my minds hard are;

"Is it that the light produced by the natural moon is not enough for us at night?"

"What is it that we want to see at night that we have to add another source of light to the already existing one?"

"Can't we just develop another sun for the night instead of two moons?"

To my opinion, what be fell Sodom and Gomorrah during construction of the tower of Babylon will soon hit us.

Although science and technology are improving our lives, we should not go beyond and start modifying the already existing natural phenomena in the world.

What just happened in the one of the most known mother of technology (China) is such an attempt to test their ability to create, which in turn influence human well-being.

Imitation is good and advisable though not to the extent of trying to correct what is already there and we should be contented with what we have.

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