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Reason Why The Sky Is Seen As Blue

Many times we look up the sky and see it's blue. Ever wondered why it is so? Here's why.

The electromagnetic spectrum (EMR) is a continuous band of wavelengths that have different bands.

The electromagnetic spectrum (EMR)

The spectrum has X_ray,Gamma Ray's, Ultraviolet Ray's, Visible band, Infrared, Microwave and radiowave. Gamma Ray's have the shortest wavelength and are produced by the hottest objects on the universe such as neutron stars. X_rays are produced by superheated gases from exploding stars.They are limitedly use in medicine field for imaging and inspecting luggage at the airport.The ultraviolet rays are third in the EMR .Their main source is the sun.UV rays are invisible to the human eye but insects called bumblebee can see them.The gamma,x_ray and uv band are normally not found o earth as they are trapped.This is because they are harmful to humans i.e UV rays cause skin diseases and some cancers.

The visible light

The visible light in the EMR is a small window that is visible to the human eye. It has red, blue and green colours in it's band.The blue light has a shot wavelength. It is therefore scattered completely by the atmospheric constituents. These are dust particles,water particles and gases.


Scattering means redirection.The blue light in this case is redirected In the atmosphere as the blue light meets particles that are smaller in diameter than it.This light is then reflected to our eyes and we see blue though the the sky in the real sense is violet.

Moving on to the other radiations,the infrared has the near infrared, shortwave infrared and thermo infrared which are used to observe healthy vegetation,soil components and moisture content. Microwave is used to operate signals and radiowaves which have the longest wavelengths transmit a variety of data to earth stations.

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EMR Gamma Ray


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