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How to differentiate between plastic and real rice

It is very impartant to learn the difference between the two since plastic rice greatly affects ones health.

First way is to burn the suspected rice in fire and make your observations.

Fortunately, real rice burns down to form ash while plastic rice melts to form a sticky substance with plastic smell.

Secondly is by adding water to the suspected rice sample and keenly observe how it behaves in water.

Plastic rice floats in water while the the real rice sinks in water.

The third and simpler way is just by observing the complexion of the two rice keenly.

You will realise that plastic rice looks creamish in colour while real rice is pearl white in colour.

The fourth way is to add water to the suspected rice and leave it for three days.

Moulds will not appear on plastic rice while it will appear to real rice.

Let us embrace and share this knowledge to ensure that we consume good and quality products.

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