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Reason Why Steel wool Rusts Despite Being Placed In Water To prevent It From Rusting

At home, we use steel wool to scrape dirt from cookware and cooking pots on a daily basis. The main disadvantage of utilizing steel wool is that it rusts. Although we all know it is comprised of steel, steel does not move quickly. So, why is it in such a hurry? Many people who have witnessed the event have asked themselves this question.

Some people soak it in water to keep it from rusting, but it still rusts. Steel wool isn't formed entirely of steel. It is not completely cleansed during production, resulting in contaminants. Iron is the most common impurity in steel, and it is the cause of rusting.

Water contains oxygen. When you soak steel wool in water, the iron combines with oxygen to generate Tri-iron - tetra oxide, a brown material. This is referred to as rust. It takes place in the presence of oxygen, and water contains oxygen. Oil is the only area where steel will not rust since it has no air.

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