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Alien Item Discovered in Japan, What is this?

Japan has woken up to an alien item on the coastal beach of Hamamatsu city. The discovery of a large circular steel similar to a football made approximately 200 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, sparked a huge wave of controversy.

Local authorities, police, and bomb experts were sent to the beach to investigate the strange thing. Some say it resembles a large bomb, although they cannot trace its source.

They have just realized that the metal sphere has nothing in it and poses no threat, with some people speculating that it could be a kind of alien stuff from another planet.

Interested locals have already come up with a few names to give the ball, such as "Godzilla egg", "floating ship," and something "extraterrestrial."

The Unknown

Japanese public television NHK showed pictures of two officers on the coast of Enshuhama looking at the rusty metal tuf, whose diameter is approximately 1.5 meters.

One neighbor reported to the police for the first time after seeing this unusual thing on the beach.

The authorities surrounded the area and conducted an X-ray examination, though these did not show much, aside from confirming that the object was harmless.

The athlete, who was jogging on the beach, admitted to local media that he was surprised by the thing he claimed to have been in the area for a while.

"I tried to push but it didn't move," he told NHK.

Local authorities indicated that they would withdraw the object soon.

Political controversy

Such a discovery rarely raises doubts in ordinary times. Still, it has come at a time when there are concerns about unknown objects following the release of a Chinese and US-based balloon abolition earlier this month.

Last Wednesday, Japan informed China of its dissatisfaction due to allegations of discovering the balloon in its atmosphere thrice since 2019.

It was Tokyo's first suspicion of its kind against Beijing, which denied intelligence performance.

The two countries' defense ministers met on Wednesday in the first high-level security negotiations in four years.

Both sides agreed to work together.

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