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Landscape found that currently exist in planet Earth

The surface area of the Earth is over 500 million km²(nearly 200 million sq miles)but just 29%of this land The rest is covered by seas and oceans During the last ice age over 20000years ago sea levels were a lot lower (around 150/500ft)so there was more land above sea levelBiggest continent

Eurasia is about 53.7million km²(nearly 20.7million sq miles)in area and makes up 30% of the Earth's Land surface.Africa is next biggest at 20%.

Deepest valley on land

The Bentley trench in Antarctica reaches 2,538m (8,327ft) below Sea level,far deeper than any other part of a is not possible to go there because the valley is burried below the Antarctic ice cap, the weight of which is responsible for its great depth.

Biggest island

Green land is by far the biggest island.with an area of 2,175,000km²(840,000sq miles,it is nearly ten times the size of the British isles.thanks for your time please don't forget to share, like and follow me at Dan456

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