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Rare Cloud Formation Spotted on Mt. Ngauruhoe New Zealand

Lenticular cloud over a mountain in New zealand.

The people of New Zealand experienced one of the rarest cloud formation on Friday after a vertical cloud formed on top of Mt. Ngauruhoe.

The rare cloud is known as a lenticular cloud and it forms under very special conditions. Meteorologists and cloud experts have done extensive research over tge years which has shown that this type of cloud formation occurs when a convectional current of hot and cold air swirl on top of very tall land masses. The air cools and as it rises higher, the water vapour condenses and forms clouds that position themselves vertically.

A pilot flying on that route said that those were the most spectacular clouds he had ever seen in his 20 year career of flying.

Hundreads of people took pictures of the cloud with some locals saying that it was a sign of good luck.

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New New Zealand Ngauruhoe


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