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'See This Type Of Mite That Lives On Human Eyelashes

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Demodex are microscopic mites that dwell in or around mammalian hair follicles. Demodex brevis and Demodex follicellorum are two of the 65 species discovered, although only two of them live on people. Eyelash mites, face mites, and skin mites are all names for this mite.

Where do they live?

Demodex thrives in skin pores and hair follicles, thus it's common to see it on the cheekbones, nose, brows, external ear canal, forehead, and, more often on the roots of the eyelashes.

What do they eat to survive?

They suck sebum, which is a viscous oil produced by the skin to protect it from drying out.

How do they reproduce?

Both the male and female Demodex have genital openings. The follicular opening is used for mating, and the eggs are placed inside the hair follicles or sebaceous glands. It takes 3-4 days for the larvae to hatch, and it takes 7 days for it to mature into an adult.

Demodex Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms include increased skin roughness, burning sensations, redness, itchy or scaly skin.

Demodex diagnosis and treatment

Demodex is diagnosed by scraping a small sample of your face's follicular tissues and oils. The presence of these mites will be determined by examining a skin biopsy under a microscope.

Demodex can be treated at home to get rid of them and prevent them from spreading.

Scrub your eyelashes lightly with tea tree oil, then apply tea tree oil to kill any eggs left behind.

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