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6 Facts Showing How Spectacular The Female Body Is

A woman's body transforms drastically during childbirth.

Women do distinguish colors better than men, they also see more shades than men as color perception is connected with the X-chromosome. Remember that, men have one X-chromosome while women have 2.

Women can handle pain betterStudies shows that women genuinely experience more pain than men. However, it's not about how strong they are, it depends on how their brain works. Some studies show that women and men remember their past pain differently, while men are more stressed and hypersensitive when they think of the pain they've experienced before, women tend to forget about it faster. And in general, the threshold of pain in women is 9 times stronger than it is in men.

Women have greater muscle enduranceSome experts claimed that women can do stamina-related exercise about 75% longer than men. The reason for that is hidden in their hormones, it's believed that estrogen in women makes their muscles more resistant to fatigue.

Female skin is very sensitiveActually, women's skin is 25% thinner than men's skin and this makes it a lot more sensitive to touch and other kinds of stimulation. However, this feature has a negative side as well. Oversensitive skin makes women more prone to develop lines and wrinkles as they lose collagen from aging.

A woman's mood depends on her hormonesThis is an important fact that you need to know, women go through adolescence twice. The second period of adolescence for women, or perimenopause, happens in their 40s. It's usually characterized by irregular periods, night sweats, and other not-so-pleasant things caused by changes in their hormone levels. A woman's hormones during this transition can be so crazy that she might even behave as moody as a teenager.

Women are experts at reading facesWomen have the ability to read people's faces from the moment they're born, perfectly decoding their emotions and feelings. And thia character trait helps them be more empathetic toward others and communicate with them better. Additionally, some studies show that women have a perfect memory of facial features.

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