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It used to be for astronauts only, but now is for all of us.

In recent years we have been getting glued to our screens to see rockets after rockets being being blast to make their way to the orbit. For anyone who was to board the space craft were only but astronauts, without that title you could never see how beautiful the earth is from a distance.

But now it has come a time, after the inspiration 4 mission obviously that space is no longer for astronauts only but for all of us.

The technology employed now has made sure that these crafts can now launch people with little know-how to space and back safely. These private companies the dreams of many people coming true unlike years back.

We have seen recently Virgin Atlantic made it's maiden trip to orbit with some of non astronauts individuals including billionaire Richard Branson. SpaceX which became the first private company to international space center carrying austranuts, has also made the same trip 3 days ago termed as inspirational4 mission. We have also seen blue origin the company started by Jeff Bezos doing the same.

All these companies have given us hope that in the future orbit will be a touring place for anyone who wants to be a space tourist. Have ever imagine of having hotels in space?

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