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5 Things That Can Happen if You go to Sleep Angry

Anger spoil your sleep

we all can agree that when angry, it very hard to get some sleep because the brain is restless. Stress and heavy feeling are known to trigger a fight-or-flight response that makes you physically alert. This makes it very hard to get some sleep. Anger leads to bad sleep and bad sleep leads to more ange, you will definitely wake up feeling exhausted.

Anger is dangerous for your health

If you have a good sleep that is of goof quality, then means that you will have a good health. Lack of a quality sleep leads to bad health. Sleep relaxes our emotions or stabilizing them so that we wake up feeling fresh the next day. Anger affects all these and it can lead to insomnia , fitful sleep and nightmares.

Makes it hard to forget bad feelings when you are angry.

During sleep, our brain magnifies emotions, thoughts and problems and stores then in short and long term memory. Anger goes into long term memory and can affect as for a long time. When bad feelings are solidified in your memory, it will be much harder to suppress them in the future.

Anger kills sincerity

Going to bed angry surely ruins the mood between partners and also establishes a toxic pattern. If it happens most of the time, you will start to associate bedtime with anger instead of comfort and connection with your partner. This will eventually destroy your relationship.

Sends a negative message to your partner

If you always go right away to the bed when having an argument with your partner, it sends a bad message that you value "winning" more than solving the problem. The way you deal with arguments in your relationship can either strengthen or break your relationship

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