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World News; Did We Already Fine Life On Mars?

What is the evidence against the possibility of life on Mars?

A group of scientists claims they have found proof of life in the form of fungi on Mars.

What to know.

The Curiosity rover found that ancient Mars had the right chemistry to support living microbes. Curiosity found sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon key ingredients necessary for life in the powder sample drilled from the "Sheepbed" mudstone in Yellowknife Bay.

Humanity has sent around 30 spacecraft and landers to the Red Planet since the space age began.The delta, deposited billions of years ago by a river flowing on Mars, would have been an ideal landscape for ancient microbial life, had such life existed. But a treacherous dune field, which the rover cannot cross, lies between Perseverance and the delta. Researchers are discussing whether to drive the rover clockwise or anticlockwise around the dune field; the latter would make for a shorter trip, but the former would take Perseverance past a greater variety of interesting rocks.

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