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Scientists Have Found 6 Weird Signs That Shows A Person Is Intelligent

Spending time alone rather than with a noisy group of friends

It is believed that smart people don't need a large circle of friends to have a good time. A certain study revealed that intelligent people enjoy spending time alone while socializing is more likely to tire them than give them pleasure. Intelligent people also tend to talk out loud to themselves. Remember that this is a sign of advanced intelligence, not madness.

Learning how to read at an early age

Despite the fact that some children learn how to read at an early age, it doesn't makes them intelligent by default. British scientists believes that reading itself makes these children smarter. It is true that the earlier you studied the alphabet, the more books you've managed to read and the broader your horizons are. But this applies to people whose reading experience is diverse and is not limited to only one genre or author.

Attended a music school

Children who attended two different types of music lessons (keyboard or voice) for 9 months had a higher IQ level in comparison to those who had only drama classes or skipped any activities according to stidies.

You don't suffer from obesity

There’s a strong correlation between body mass index and cognitive function according to the research that was conducted in 2006. People whose BMI was above average showed lower IQ results in comparison with other groups. French scientists analyzed data from 2,200 respondents for 5 years and came to the conclusion that waist circumference is directly connected with high IQ levels. This probably happens because people with high IQ tend to have a higher income and can afford to undergo regular medical checkups and take a good care of their health.

Having blue eyesJoanna Rowe is a professor at the University of Louisville. He claims that blue-eyed people tend to have a higher IQ level in comparison to people with darker eyes. Many genius people like Stephen Hawking for example, had blue eyes.

Additionally, people with light-colored eyes can handle difficult situations by taking their time concentrating and making a rational decision, while dark-eyed people show great results when fast reaction time is needed.

The ring finger being longer than the index finger

A Norwegian physician, Karl Pinsk, described the method of determining the inclinations of a person based on the ratio of the length of his fingers. According to the observation, the longer the ring finger is, the better the owner can deal with math problems, however, verbal assignments can be a challenge. Other studies found out that a person's success in the financial world can be predicted by the length of his fingers. It turned out that people whose ring fingers were longer than their index fingers had a higher income.

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