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Do You Know Any Inventions Done by Blacks? Here is a Full List

Most of the scientific researches and inventions are attributed to the western world as a result of their advancements in technology and necessity to come up with new ways of handling the change. Most inventions like electricity, light bulbs, automobiles and medicine related inventions like Insulin are all from Europe America. Prominent people like Sir Isaac Newton, Nicole Tesla, Dr. Frederick G and Thomas Edison are all inventors that will go down in history as Fathers of certain principles in science.

There are a notable number of African-origin people who have also made milestone steps in science which led to massive inventions and will forever be remembered for their contributions to science. To start us off is Fredrick M Jones- He invented the air conditioning unit in the year 1949. In 1882, Lewis Latimer Invented the Electric lamp bulb. Granville T. Woods a black man from the United States invented a phone transmitter. This was in the year 1884. In 1923, Garret Morgan, from the united states invented the traffic lights to reduce the accidents and workload to police officers. I think you have heard of stethoscope, yes, you probably might not remember what it is but remember this- it was invented by a black man named Thomas A. Carrington.

There are so many inventions done by people with African origin and the list is endless. Here is just a few:

  1. Clothes Drier - George T.Sampsons
  2. Fountain pen - Walter Purvis
  3. Guitee - Robert Flemming
  4. Elevator - Alexander Miles
  5. Ironing Board - Sarah Boone
  6. Lantern - Michael Harvey
  7. Fire Extinguisher - Thomas Marshall
  8. Peanut Butter - George Carver
  9. Mail box - Paul Dawning
  10. Blood Plasma Bag - Charles Drew

Be proud to be African and let the roller coaster to inventions sweep you with it.

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