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5 Mysterious Objects Even the Scientists can not Explain

Giant footprint

Found in Ain Dara in Syria, the pair of massive footprints is carved on the floor and another single footprint carved into the threshold. The size of these feet will shock you; it is about the size of 3 human feet. The footprint on the threshold is about 10 meter away from the one shown above

Stone sphere ball 

This object can be found in Bosnian forest, it is 10 foot wide and spherical in shape like a large ball. Scientists still wonder is this object was created by people in the past or just nature. There are several such balls in this place which are millions of years old according to experts


Also known as the birthplace of the gods, this place is located in Mexico not very far from Mexico City. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mexico; it used to be an ancient city with more than 100,000 people living here. Nowadays only tourist can be found here learning more about the place

House of the fairies

Although not so popular, this site is very interesting and it is located in Sardinia in Italy. The size of these houses is suitable for fairies and not humans, which explain the name. According to experts they houses are about 6000 years old. Italy is famous for countless architectural monuments among other interesting sites

Masuda no iwafune

There are a lot of interesting places to in Japan and this one here has really left scientists wondering. In Asuka, there are such carved stones with square holes, these kinds of objects can be found in different parts of this region. They were made by people who inhabited this place long ago but the reason for this still remains a mystery

The temple of Bacchus

Located in Baalbek, this is a mysterious project constructed at the beginning of the first millennium CE. The age of this construction is still not clear but is can be dated to the second century

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Ain Dara Bosnian Syria


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