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Months After She Invented A Machine That Changes Air Into Water, See What Happened

Many African youths are now rising with new inventions that could solve the most disturbing problems. Some inventors have managed to get sponsorships to make their projects bigger and better.

From Kenya, meet Beth Koigi who is only 27 years old. She came up with an excellent invention that will solve the problem of water shortage. Beth wanted to solve the problem many people have in order to get water.

Beth was taking a 4-month course at Singularity University and British economist Clare Sewell and American environmental scientist Anastasia Kaschenko were inspired by her idea. Together, they developed named the project called Majik Water which use solar.

A prediction made by United Nations says that in the next 5 years the device might save 1.6 billion people with water shortage problems.

Beth has won the EDF Africa awards and many other awards. Her Majik water project has really helped a lot of people, some schools and institutions are already using it.

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