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Flat Earth Theory (Images)

Everyone has grown up knowing the earth as a spherical shape, round, and according to geographers an oblate spheroid. This perspective explains lots of the so-called natural phenomena on the earth's surface from the rising and setting of the sun, the circular horizon the lunar eclipse among other phenomena. Lately, there has been a group of conspiracy theorists deemed as Flat Earth theorists that debunk the spherical earth shape and claim the earth is flat.

On the official Twitter account going by Flat Earth Society, the conspiracy theories brought up questions that not only remained unanswered but also brought confusion and doubt in everything. According to the Flat Earth Society, the earth is flat land covered with a dome known as firmament as recorded in the bible in Genesis chapter 1:6-8, Daniel chapter 12:3, and even Psalms 19:1.

They claim the earth is firm and steady on its shoal. “They say the earth is rotating at a speed of roughly 1037.58 miles per hour which when converted is about 460 meters per second, which is above the speed of a speed train. How is this possible when life on earth does not feel any effect of the speed? This is against all rules of physics”.

The Flat Earth society believes that the earth has massive lands beyond the arctic and Antarctic circles and a super nation is working tirelessly to keep it unknown and undiscovered. “In November 1728 a renowned explorer, navigator, and cartographer James Cook set out in the Atlantic Ocean to explore the lands beyond human reach, after a period estimated to be about two years he came back with all the work of the lands far and beyond. He is believed to have sailed all the world but till today all his maps of places he may have been gone missing”.  

Bellows are pictures of the Flat earth as proposed by the Flat Earth society.

These are from The flat Earth conspiracy on Facebook.

Like and comment we grow and share great suprising conspiracies.

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