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Devil's Triangle Is The Scariest Place On Earth, Here Is What You Should Know

It is also known as the Bermuda triangle, it is found in north atlantic ocean and for the ages people have been trying to unmask the mystery surrounding it. The following things are what you are supposed to know

triangle is used to describe the shape it takes and over the years Bermuda triangle has destroyed hundreds of ships and planes without a trace. despite being regarded as the scariest place and lots of planes have gone their without a trace till date, there is no frequent occurrences of such incidences. Two US military crafts have been swallowed there and there is neither trace nor wreckage found. The number of ships and planes which have had accidents in Bermuda triangle cannot be figured out.

it is believed that the force of gravity is so high around that region and as result of these planes flying over are pulled down by a natural phenomenon.

Before this article, did you know Bermuda triangle exist?

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