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Reasons people should run generators on battery power before connecting AVR

The main alternator is the part of the generator that creates the alternating current. An alternator has three main components: main starter, exciter starter, and rotor. The rotor has windings and fuses, while the exciter starter has only field windings. Apart from this field winding exciter starter, it also has a small magnetism which is insufficient to cut at a ninety degree angle to produce an induced electromotive force. 

 To increase the magnetism in the exciter starter, we need to create a voltage of twelve across the windings. This can be done by two methods including: direct energizing with a 12 volt DC power supply or energizing with an automatic voltage regulator powered by the output of the main start windings. 

 For these two methods of excitation, let's consider a case where we decided to excite with AVR directly before using our 12V battery start windings. Therefore, it is best to save your generator's AVR by energizing the exciter starter first. with a 12-volt DC supply.

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