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Meet The Strongest Insect In The World And What It Can Do

The universe is full of different living organisms which occupy different parts of this world. According to research, insects take the highest percentage of living organisms. These insects also come in a variety of species each with different characteristics.

Each insect species has a character that makes it unique and by which it is recognized. The horned dug beetle is one of the most recognized insect in the world. This is because of its power that has not been compared to any living organism. The dug beetle is known to be the strongest insect in the universe.

This insect which is only 10 millimeters long has the power to pull a weight which is 1141 times its own body weight. When compared to man, it is like an average man pulling two loaded 18 wheel trucks. Scientists believe that the insect's power is as a result of the fight males participate in while competing for females in dug tunnels underground. Because of this, the insects evolved the strong brawn.

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