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Technology is eroding our moral and culture

What do you think when you hear the word 'technology' ? When we hear about the word we should think of science. Technology simply means the application of scientific knowledge in pra practical life. Technology has occurred in many fields enhancing development in such fields e.g communication, health, education etc.

Positive impact of technology

Through industrial revolution, a lot has been discovered by the scientists, aimed at relieving human kind from all sorts of difficult tasks. Most operations that would have been performed by a number of labourers, can now be performed by a single machine in a limited duration of time with much ease. In health sector, technology has great impact as there is a lot of improvements in hospital. Surgery and organ transplant has been greatly improved, limiting number of patients who may pass on during the process. Communication has been greatly improved. Now you can communicate to any person from any part of the world wherever you are, in short time possible.

Communication as a negative factor.

Indeed communication is very beneficial more so to the youths,who are still doing their studies. Research work can be easily done and successful results obtained in a twinkling of an eye. Online classes can be attended easily through communication, aiding education. Despite all these positive impacts, communication has aided in erosion of moral and culture among the youths in the following ways:

1. Through communication, the youths have tried to initiate the western culture, resulting to queer and unacceptable behaviours in the society. They imitate what they see in films and videos from the western culture.

2. At some points, there are several occasions that we see our youths become drug addicts since they copy it from the films and cinemas they watch.

3. Youths are influenced to perform pornographic acts as they watch it from the internet, copy them forgetting of the societal norms.

Indeed, technology has a great impact to erosion of the culture among the youths and young generation of this century.

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