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The Date That Asteroid 1950 DA Will Hit The Earth With The Highest Probability

Asteroid 1950 DA has been on the headlines for its high probability of hitting the earth with the greatest impact. Scientists have studied this great asteroid and has come up with the date when it will hit the earth. This one asteroid is unique on its own since it rotates at a high speed and with this high speed it should disintegrate. But this is not for asteroid 1950DA as scientists believe it's held together by Van der Waal forces. It is almost 1.1Km in width. Its complete rotation takes 2 hours and 6 minutes. It is set to hit the earth on 16th March 2880 with a force of 44,800 megatonnes of TNT. Scientists say that the risk will be low hence it's not a major concern. Scientists have been studying many other asteroids and have planned to hit one of the asteroids so as to determine its impact on earth. This is to make future plans so as to prevent more damages.

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