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Do you know that all animals are not opaque? Here are top 6 transparent marine creatures.

You may think that all animals are opaque, but i want to prove that you are wrong. This is because there are some marine creatures which their body are transparent and light can pass through their internal organs. Below are the top six awesome transparent marine creatures. Number one will really surprise you.

6. Barreleye Fish

These creatures are mainly found in the tropical temperature waters of Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans and it is only lives deep inside water. And it is used as food in some countries.

These fish is also known as The spook fish. It has large tubular eyes, dome shape body and transparent head. The fish can collect more light in the dark. It feeds on the sea plants and small organisms found deep inside the sea.

5. Big Skate

These is the largest species of skate and they are common at the coast. They are mainly found in in Pacific Ocean, mostly along Baja California to Alaska coastal region. They have pale skin that allows one to see through their internal organs. Big skite are really unique and mostly it is used for food.

4. Glass Octopus

This transparent and gelatinous creature that are rear to be seen but they exist. The glass octopus are abundant all over the tropical and subtropical seas worldwide. They are also dangerous to human life since it has poison in its teeth.

3. Glass Squid

Glass squid is mostly found in deep water bodies like seas and ocean and even in salty lakes like lake Turkana in kenya.

This creature is made up of about 60 species of glass squid. These animal take advantage of its transparency to camouflage in sunlit shallow waters. Such species are also bioluminescent and have glowing light organs behind their eyes.

2. Jellyfish

This is a very common animal that are free swimming and floating which has umbrella shape. Jellyfish are always threat to the swimmers since it stings. Their body are transparent ans shines like glass when light penetrated through it. Jellyfish are mostly found worldwide along the beaches. They are dangerous to human beings.

1. Sea Angel

Sea Angels are extremely small in size about 5 centimetre long . These swimming sea slugs ditched their shells for a pair of flapping appendages. It can swim at a speed of 100 mm/s, making it to be the fastest tinier prey than any other in the sea. Sea Angel is mainly found seas and oceans.

Sea Angel close our top 6 awesome transparent marinw cratures which their bodies are like a glass. Now i hope you know that there are some transparent creature not that all animals are opaque. Keep on following for more updates.

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