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When A Day On Earth Will Become A Second Longer Hence A Day Will Be 24Hrs 1Second

If you'll need an extra second in the future then you should start planning on how you'll use it because this is good news for you. Scientists have discovered that a day on earth is becoming longer and longer. Normally, a day on earth usually takes 24 hours. This means it takes the earth 24 hours to make a complete rotation. But now here is where the change comes. Scientists have discovered that the speed of rotation of earth has been slowly decreasing. The is because the moon has been spiraling away from earth. In a year, the moon moves away from earth by 3.8Cm. Hence it means that the time increases by 1.4 Milliseconds every 100 years or simply a century. I know you might think this is an insignificant change but it really counts because after 50,000 years the time will increase by 1 second. Again this means that all clocks will have to be adjusted to fit this change. A day will be 24 hours 1 second. Plan well for this extra second because it is enough to make a big difference.

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