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These are the most dangerous places on the planet

1.Bermuda Triangle

Also known as the devil's triangle.It is found on the North Antlantic ocean.Bermuda triangle is a mysterious spot where ships and spacecrafts have been known to disappear.Ships which cross for America and Europe use this route.The common explanation to the mystery of this place is that there are aliens living around the area who bring down the ships and crafts flying over the area

2.Mapimi Silent Zone

Mapimi is a desert in Mexico where as the name suggests there's grave silence.Locals say that anyone that comes across the desert meets silence.Phone calls, radio signals or any other type of communication fail to work in this desert.The explanation to this has been that there exists strange magnetic anomalies that prevent radio transmission

Island of Dolls-Mexico

Lies in Xachmillo, the south of Mexico City.In this Island,dolls hang on trees covered by cobwebs due to a long period of stay.The owner of the Island, Julian Santana,is said to be the one who hanged the dolls on trees.Julian believed that the place was haunted by a spirit of a girl who drowned five years ago.He claimed that he heard the voices of the girl asking for her dolls.Hanging dolls on trees was a way to chase the ghost away.Julian died in 1921.To this day people still claim to hear the voices of the girl asking for her dolls.

4.Hoia Baciu forest-Romania

Commonly known as the haunted forest and home of the devil.The popular story about this forest is that a girl was lost and five years later,she reappeared wearing the same clothes.Trees in this forest are tall increasing it's scary look.Locals have testified seeing spiritual beings and some scary sounds at night.

Aokigara forest-Japan

Its also known as suicide forest.Aokigara has been the home of suicides in Japan.Many people who visit the forest are later found hanging lifeless on trees.Mystics and spiritual leaders claim that there exists spirits which bind someone from getting out of the forest.Interestingly it's the leading suicide spot in Japan.

Epping Forest-England

It is linked with crimes.The forest has been a hideout for notorious criminals like Dick Turpin.The common story about the forest is that there are sightings of headless men in the forest.

Highgate Cemetery-London to

Highgate is an ancient cemetery with a number of nobles being buried there.Karl Marx was buried there.Though with years,the grave has been unattended to and shrubs have emerged covering the area.Many people believe it's a dwelling place for magicians and witches.They also note that a spiritual creature has been hovering around making strange noices which upon being seen vanishes into thin air.

Banff Spring Hotel-Australia

Banff spring hotel was built in the 19th century but due to poor construction by builders,one room remained closed and guests claim to hear voices from this room.In this hotel, there's a room numbered 873.This room was once used by a family of three who were all murdered mysteriously.After some time, the police came and ordered cleaning up of the room upon which they found blood fingerprints of a young girl on the window.They tried to wipe it off but the stains kept on reappearing immediately.The room remained closed afterwards and no guest was allowed to go there.The guests who have visited the hotel claim that they hear strange voices from the room and sometimes a ghostly figure in form of a girl is seen using the stairs.

Shadow Of Death Road-USA

A two lane road which is frequented by grisy accidents in Warren county,USA.This road was previously used by bandits to ambush their victims and upon completion of the robbery,their throats were cut off.In 1920's it was a home of horrible deaths.Those who have used the road say that ghosts of murdered victims appear on the streets

Haunted Ruiru House-Kenya

Ruiru house story came to limelight on July 2020.The house has been abandoned for two decades.Visitors who visit the house claim that ghosts torment them and they hear strange voices.Locals say sometimes stones are thrown at them by invisible beings.

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