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Here Is How Albert Einstein described God

Albert Einstein was great scientist and great mind of all time. He is know for his intelligence. He discovered the law of relativity. E=mc^2

He defined the existence God as nothing more than oppression and product of human weaknesses and the Bible is the collection of primitive childish legends.

He did not believed in God as a old man in the sky, but as a higher intelligence of cosmos. Tjis means Einstein believed the universe itself as God. Natural intelligence and laws that are maintaining order in the universe is what Humanity has confused with God.

He said, Man created images of God in the mind's because of the fear of death, sicknesses, hunger, wildebeests among others. He described religion as nothing more than being tribal, social and encompassing mystical experiences.

Cosmic religion is what worth human time because it the strongest incitement to scientific research. He added that instead of people looking up the sky for assistance, they should awaken to realize the Nature of reality.

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