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Why You Need Storms To Make You Stronger

In the 1990s, scientists grew trees in a sealed biosphere and couldn't figure out why they fell over before maturing. They eventually realized that the perfect growing environment lacked wind, which provides stress and ensures trees grow strong enough to support themselves.

When a chick is hatching, it is not advisable to help it by breaking its shell. Assisting a chick out of its shell may create a weaker breed over generations. A chick needs strength and stamina to work its way out of the shell. Helping out a weaker chick and using it to produce a new generation may impact the strength of a breed over time.

Life is a process and no one should skip stages. The struggles you may go through are there to provide you with the strength you need for tomorrow. However, if you don't start the process, you will not attract the necessary challenge that will build a stronger you for tomorrow. Everything starts with you.

Many people are not where they are supposed to be because they fear going through challenges and therefore prefer easy ways or better still free handouts. How long shall you be given hand-outs? What happens when people stop giving you? Believe me, you need those challenges to make you stronger. It is only a dead person who does not have ups and downs.

A smooth road never produces a skilled driver. You are not here to break down when things don't go your way. You are here to break records and dominate. Trust me You need that wind and storm to make you stronger. Own your space.

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