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How Many Litres Of Fuel Does The Largest Plane on Earth Consume?, Find Out

The largest aeroplane in the world is named Antonov An-225. It is said to be so big that it fits in a football field. It's length is more than 80 metres long. 

Atonov An-225 is also said to be too heavy. Many times heavier than the world known largest passanger plane Airbus A333-300. It's estimated to weigh over seven hundred and ten tons.

The plane was designed to transport the heaviest and most bulky commodities. Reliable source said that it was initially used by UN and NASA to transport huge and heavy parts of rockets. These items could take several weeks being ferried across the sea. This plane can also carry more than fifty cars at a go. It is estimated to carry upto 285 thousand kilograms of load.

The plane is also reported to have the highest speed, upto 850 Km/h.

The big question is, what is the quantity of fuel it consumes? Trusted source revealed that it uses over 300,000 kg of fuel. Now you can work your calculations to convert it to litrs. It's quite amusing.

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