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What You Need to know About Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?

AI, short for Artificial Intelligence, is a branch of science that aims at having computers and machines that have the power to reason and integrate knowledge. However, many people can't seem to agree what AI really entails, but we think that AI must demonstrate at least some behaviors associated with our intelligence: motion, manipulation, problem solving, knowledge representation, planning and to a lesser extent social intelligence, and creativity.

What this entails in real life is:

Machine learning(ML): The ability of a computer to improve in performance with exposure to information, but without being programmed explicitly. In Machine Learning, a system must estimate the outcome of an event based on a given past performance's data set.

Robotics: The idea of robots is usually associated with films such as "The Terminator". The idea of a machine entity that walks, talks and behaves like us and implicitly promises to take our jobs, fall in love with our women, enslave us, is terrorizing to say the least. However, Robots have been used in industries since time immemorial. The concept is to use them to simplify our work. In Robotics, scientists integrate Artificial perception and automatized planning with actuators, thus creating them.

Self-driving cars: Automated cars are no strangers to our mind. Everyone knows Elon Musk, a human credited for creating a future that was once a pipe dream to human beings: self-driving cars that should be affordable to the working class person. These Teslas combine so-called "Computer Vision" with predictive behavior- in terms of steering braking, and acceleration. That does not stop there, The fancy tech recognizes the shape of raindrops on the windshield to activate the windshield wiper automatically.

Image recognition: This technology involves a system and the ability to recognise patterns, and then grouping similar patterns —just like we do, only we are unparalleled (as of yet). Examples include Google Photos and tolls that read your licence plate.

speech recognition: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant would not work without this tech, which is an AI concerning itself with Natural Language Processing(NLP). Speech recognition uses predictive patterns and acoustics for what sounds usually come after one another in a given language.

That is it for today, let's discuss technology another time.

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