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3 Unexplained Mysteries Of Devil's Sea That Scientists Will Never Unravel

The Bermuda triangle is one of the most mysterious areas on planet earth. It is located along the south coast US in the Atlantic Ocean, between Puerto Rico, Bermuda and Florida. Unresolved mysteries are surrounding the region.

Christopher Columbus was the first person to report the mysterious actions of the Bermuda triangle. He reported fire flames crashing in the sea during his time of exploring the new world. However, the public was generally informed about the mysterious nature of the region when it disappeared with a US Navy Cargo ship with more than 300 people.

The latest incident was in 2015 when the Bermuda triangle swallowed a cargo vessel in October 2015 during a deadly hurricane.

The role of paranormal activities or the presence of unconfirmed creatures called aliens is strongly dragged to in the mysterious actions in the deadly region. However, scientists got another phenomenon to explain the incident.

Scientists believe the electromagnetic behaviour of the earth that alters the compass in the vessels or planes. Another theory lies in time travelling. Geologists believe that the Bermuda triangle mysteriously connects the future and present.

Notwithstanding we got no theory that proved the exact reason for the Bermuda triangle mysterious with accidents continuing to happen yearly.

Here are the 5 famous Bermuda triangle mysterious stories.

1. Carroll A. Deering

Deering is among the top written-about maritime of 20th century. On January 31, 1925, Carroll Deering was discovered on treacherous of Hatteras Diamond Sholas, North Carolina. The investigation team after rough sea search, they found the deserted ship with all members of crew alongside with personal belonging missing.

It is often regarded as ‘Ghost Ship of the Outer Bank’, the disappearance of Carroll A. Deering shocked the world.

2. Ellen Austin

American white oak schooner, Ellen Austin in 1881 was going to New York sailing from London. She stumped a derelict as she moved near the Bermuda triangle. Theory informs that Ellen Austin asked her captain to spy on the derelict to avoid falling into a trap. However, the captain could not find any sign of the crew.

To sum up Ellen’s mysterious story, her captain said to have placed a prize crew on the derelict set to sail with it. however, after two days the ship vanished. Days later the captain observed through the spyglass to realise the vessel drifting aimlessly at the far end. Another version of the story says that the ship was spotted but with a different crew than the one placed on it by her captain.

The appearance and disappearance of the derelict in the Bermuda triangle is a mystery that scientists cannot explain.

3. Witchcraft

Three gentlemen left Miami; cabin cruiser named witchcraft, his captain Dan Burack and friend Patrick Horgan. The three were looking to enjoy the Christmas lights. However, the fate of the story is unpleasing. Few miles after the offshore, the captain was informed the ship had hit strange things under the water although no damages were pronounced.

To assist the witchcraft, the coastal guard is said to have sailed immediately. He sailed for around 19 minutes according to history books but he could not trace witchcraft’s vessel. The area was completely stranded with no single sign of a ship sailing through there previously.

The most intriguing part of the story is that witchcraft’s vessel had many life jackets, flares, lifeboats etc. unfortunately, none of the devices was recovered or used. The ship disappeared and witchcraft, Captain Dan and Patrick were swallowed by the sea up to now.

To sum up the article, none of the renowned great scientists has resolved the mystery of the Bermuda triangle. Millions of great philosophers are baffling to explain the disappearance of ships and planes at the Bermuda triangle.

Over to you my reader, do you have any other story about the Bermuda triangle?

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