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Big Discovery as Top Experts Discovers a Way of Boosting Weak Immunity in Older People

Scientists from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have discovered a way of reversing cell ageing, a process that will see the body of older people increasing reports from the Jerusalem Post show.

The team took this step after discovering that older people are susceptible to severe diseases especially the Covid-19 due to weak B cells. The secret, experts say, starts from these cells which induce immunity against the disease-causing particles also known as pathogens.

In their explanation, experts argued that when a person is young, B cells have the ability to recognize and attack the "foreign materials" that comes into the body. Although these cells (B cells) do not live long, the human body forms other new ones which replace the old ones. However, these old cells do not just die off rather they just become what they (experts) termed as "memory cells" and they can live for a long time.

These memory cells have the ability to remember the previous pathogens that have had attacked the body. And that the more the person is exposed to any pathogen, the more the memory cells hence the less the risk of this person falling sick.

But, as the person ages, the process of converting the B cells and the memory cells becomes weaker hence weak immunity.

In their new discovery, this team of experts discovered hormonal signals that are produced by the old B cells also called memory cells, which inhibits the system from producing the new B cells. This means that with time, the process of reversing cell ageing will be easier by the use of treatment or some specific drugs.

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Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Way of Boosting


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