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3 Amazing Places On Earth That Are Worth Visiting In 2021

The earth is filled with many beautiful scenario places around the world. However, there are some areas with some natural wonders that will make you love the entire creation of God. Some of these features can be unique and mind intriguing. This article is going to highlight the three strangest places on earth that are worth visiting.

1.      Bermuda triangle – Bermuda triangle is a very strange and unique place found in the ocean. The Bermuda has an approximate area of half a million miles in the Atlantic between Florida Miami and Puerto Rico. From the past, it has been said that almost 70 ships and planes have disappeared. However, ships and planes have managed to pass through the area with ease. The unexplained disappearances of the ships and planes have remained a mystery.

2. Devil`s bridge – the devil`s bridge is a famous bridge that is located at the Kromlau town in Germany. The bridge was created in 1860 and it is among the beautiful bridges among the world. The bridge forms a perfect circle which offers a beautiful reflection.

3.      Lake Natron – Lake Natron is a strange place found on the earth. Lake Natron is located in Tanzania. The lake is strange because it can turn living things to stones. The highly salty nature of the lake is attributed to this. The temperatures of the waters are also 140 degrees Celsius and the pH is around 10.3. This makes this lake among the strangest places on earth. However, it is surprising that flamingoes can survive in this waters and the area is a breeding ground of flamingoes. This is very strange.

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