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Did You Know That Animals Can Also Dream? Scientists Prove This

Well this came as a surprise to me too. I mean who would have thought that animals can share the same fate as human beings? In real context human beings are the ones known for having nightmares and dreams.Well according to scientists animals also dream, but not all animals, animals such as some mammals, reptiles and birds dream except fish and insects.

The purpose of dreaming remains a mystery but infants dream more often. Animals can't tell humans about their dreams but the only explanation is that animals exhibit some of the same sleep state that humans do.

Scientists have found some convincing, though indirect evidence that many other mammals and birds do indeed dream.The scientists gave part of the evidence on what is called Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep. In humans this stage occurs when one is in a dream state. When you are dreaming, your eyes dart back and forth and you can't move much and there is a lot of electrical activity going on in your brain.

This seems to be the same case in almost all mammals and birds that have been studied,from dogs to cats. The pattern of electrical activity in the animals brains during this stage is similar to those of humans.So it might be true that animals dream too.

So what do you think about this idea of animals dreaming? Kindly share your opinion.

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