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Did You Know A Bite From The Brazilian Wandering Spider Can Cause Erection That Lasts Up To 4 Hours

Every man wants to last long, for hours just to establish the feeling of satisfaction for their female partner. Men have searched the nooks and crannies of the earth from medical treatment to traditional remedies for the last solution but non seems to be perfect, however, the bite from a spider can cause strong erect! on that will last up to four hours non- stop, but after the sweet erect! on, something unwanted will happen.

The spider is known as the " Brazilian Wandering Spider" . It is rare in Africa but very common in Brazil and other parts of Europe. Its venom contains some chemical elements that can lead to strong erect! on in men. Many medical firms have started investigations to known if this special spider' s venom can be used to treat erect! le dysfunction. At least, that would surely save many marriages that are dying because s×x.

The said spider is the Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria nigriventer). Bites from this spider can cause extreme pains and " can lead to priapism, a seriously harmful and painful hardness of a man' s [email protected] that can stay hard for many hours and thereafter lead to impotence, " states an American Heart Association news stressed.

Just as expected, the Brazilian and Medical College of Georgia get a sample of the toxic venom of the spider and experiment with it in mice and rats. The inputted chemical gives room for better blood flow in Penile tissue and that is why researchers think its venom will be of great help in treating erect! le dysfunction.

For the sake of clarity, after an erection that may last for hours, the man will become impotent. So don' t think of getting this spider to bite you.

The major question which medical experts and researchers are yet to answer is, what if the spider bit a woman, who she experience erect! on that last for hours too? If yes, where?

Content created and supplied by: Kevin_Gates_Kenya💥 (via Opera News )

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