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4 Prominent People Who Were Killed By Their Own Inventions.

Human beings try to solve world's problem which sometimes make them go a step higher to ensure their solutions are practicable and embraced. Sometimes,it even means sacrificing their own lives to ensure that the world is safe for the rest of us in their researches. In this article,I have identified 4 Prominent personalities that were killed by their own inventions as they tried to show the world their practicability.

1. Mary Curie.

Mary was remembered for having isolated chemical element,Radium. She is also accredited with discovery of element Polonium,all radioactive elements. Curie died of aplastic anaemia due to exposure to these radioactive elements for a long time.

2. Alexander Bogdanov.

He was a Russian physicist. He was the first person to demonstrate an experiment for blood transfusion. However ,he died when he transfused blood of a patient suffering from Malaria and TB to himself.

3. Franz Reichelt.

Born in 1879. He died on February 4, 1912 at the Eiffel tower while trying to prove that he had made a dress that could work as a parachute.

4. Henry Smolinski.

He died in 1973 while on a test trying to prove that he had made a flying car,Ave Mizar. He had fixed a wing of Cessina 337 aircraft on Ford Pintos car and claimed it could fly. He died on a crash on a test run.

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