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Production Of X-ray Dangers And Precautions

Production Of X-ray

X-ray owe their name from the fact that during the time of discovery, their nature was not know. They are uncharged electromagnetic radiation of shorter wavelengths and higher penetrating power. They are producing in x-ray tube when fast moving electrons are suddenly decelerated by a metal target.

Types of x-rays

Hard x-ray. They are produced by high accelerating voltage. They have shorter wavelengths and are more penetrating.

Soft x-ray. This ray is produced by a low accelerating voltage. It has less energy, longer wavelengths hence Less penetrating power compared to hard x-ray.

Uses of x-ray

Used in medicine and surgery: used to detect fractured bones and dislocations. To locate foreign objects in the body. Treatment of cancer patients and some skin diseases.

Used in industry: used to detect flaws in metal casting and welding. Used to sterilize surgical instruments before packaging. Used to inspect luggage at airport for any dangerous weapons

Dangers of x-ray

May cause cancer if subjected for a long period. Can cause mutation. They cause skin burns.


Excessive exposure to x-ray is dangerous unless it is absolutely unavoidable. In this case the exposure should be limited to short time intervals. Concrete wall are used for rooms that store x-ray tubes.

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