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Why failure is good for you

You must have heard that it is okay to fail and that rock bottom can be a solid foundation. Turns out that this isn't just something people say to those who have failed at an endeavour to make them feel better. New scientific shows that there are tangible benefits associated with failure. Scientists from the University of Southern California have found that failure is the best teacher.

The researchers came to this conclusion other looking into 28 study subjects with an average age of 26 years. They were asked a series of questions in an exercise where they would only build on their gains by giving the right answers and lost money when they gave the wrong ones.

Brain scans were then performed to determine if the study subjects indeed learned from their mistakes. When tested with the reward system, the brains responded positively and activated areas in the brain referred to as the reward circuit. They found that having a chance to actually make a mistake can induce a highly positive reward. But the brain must be allowed time to assess the options and learn from mistakes.

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